KuroNeko Cultural Association presents KuroNekoCon: an anime, gaming, and Japanese culture convention based in Spokane, WA! As a non-profit corporation KuroNeko Cultural Association seeks to promote the understanding of Japanese and other Asian cultures with not just through the use of contemporary media such as animation, comics, games and their related subcultures, but also celebrating the traditional and modern culture. We are staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who desire to see other people experience the same joy that we found in anime, manga, and video games. No one here gets paid, so 100% of our funds go directly into the budget for the next year’s activities and events. In 2018 we celebrated KuroNekoCon's 10th Year Anniversary and the first year as a three-day convention! Along with the additional day came new content such as Japanese Field Day, Tsuki's Kawaii Tea Party, and the Lip Sync Battle. We're incredibly excited for KuroNekoCon 2019 and look forward to seeing everyone there!
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